Accounting Equation Illustration

by shashi kant tripathi
(uttar pradesh)

Q: what do you understand by accounting equation and give suitable illustration...

See the illustration in the lesson on What is Owner's Equity . This lesson will also take you through the basic accounting equation and each of its three elements.


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thanks for the help
by: Anonymous

I have an exam on Tuesday and I was kinda scared because I'm not really good at accounts but this website really helped me so thank you so much I love this website sooooooooo much....😍😍😅😅😎😎

High Hopes
by: Anonymous

I'm awfully thankful I connected with your site, presently I'm engaged in an accounting couse with ITT and naturally as with any insecure neophyte I am somewhat intimidated. Hoping to enjoy the experience as it's hopefully anticipated
help will propel me to success.

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