Accounting Equation Question:
Fill in the Blank

by Princess

Owner's equity = ? + ? - ?

I need answers for this question. Please help!

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Fill in the Blank

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Assets- liabilities
by: Anonymous

Assets - liabilities

by: Anonymous

Equity = assets - liabilities
I'm a grade 8 student doing accounts for the first time btw....😋😏😎😜😝😅😆

question 1
by: Anonymous

Owners equity = assets - liability

owners equity
by: simphiwe

owners equity = capital + net profit - drawings

long term lib
by: Anonymous

long term liability=?+?_?...

Formula answer
by: Accounting Prof

Assets + liabilities is incorrect here because they are not looking at the equity side. So the question asked has three blanks not two. Therefore, the right answer is:

OE = Retained earnings + net income - withdrawals (dividends).

by: Anonymous


owners equity
by: Anonymous

share capital + reserves - long term liabilities

by: Anonymous

OK, thank you Teacher :)

accounting eq
by: Anonymous

owner equity= asset-liability

by: Teacher

You just need to learn your formula, it does not matter what grade you are in. :-)

by: Anonymous


PLEASE NOTE: I am a grade 9 student, so I might not be correct.

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