Accounting Prerequisites

by Juana
(Malakoff, Texas, USA)

Q: What are the things I need first to begin studying accounting?

Not sure exactly what you mean here Juana. If you mean subjects you need to have studied first, you should have a good basic grounding in maths. Other than that, there probably are no official subject-specific prerequisites.

Some accounting programs at college level may have their own prerequisites, but often a simple high school diploma will be enough.

Generally you should WANT to study accounting before you start studying it. I would call that an important prerequisite, even though its not an official college prereq. Sounds obvious but some people are not really certain what they want to study. I would recommend in that situation to take some time off and research careers first before launching into costly studies.

Then find a college that seems good.

And get started!

I'd recommend to check out my Student Resources and Links page as that can help with finding colleges, college credit, textbooks, etc.


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Accounting assumption
by: Anonymous

What is going concern concept?

Accounting Foundamentals
by: Anonymous

Basic principle of accounting,concept and assumption.
1. dual concept
2. historical concept
3. objectivity and subjectivity
4. matching concept
5. going concern
6. money measurement
7. cost benefit
8. consistency
9. prudence
10. materiality
11. accounting period

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