Balance c/f & Balance b/f stands for...?

by Hassaan Sayeed
(Karachi, Pakistan)

Please explain... what does Balance c/f & Balance b/f stand for?

"Balance c/f" = Balance carried forward

"Balance b/f" = Balance brought forward

Check out the accounting dictionary for more definitions of accounting terms.

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b f stands for
by: Anonymous

b f stands for balance brought forward

Gross Profit C/O

I believe "C/O" stands for "Charge Off" which is the same as "write-off."

In other words, Gross Profit Charge-Off is a gross profit write-off. From my understanding this is an expense in the gross profit section of the profit and loss statement. I think this would be an expense related to writing off inventory - for example, some inventory went bad or were destroyed. It is an expense sometimes caused by an extraordinary event, such as a fire at a warehouse.

What is meant by Gross Profit C/O
by: DEVI

What is meant by Gross Profit C/O?

by: ROJA


by: padmalochan behera

B.f--Bad fellow

long form
by: Anonymous

what is gross profit c/o

b/f & c/o & c/f
by: mohd nadeem

dear sir

i want know that, full form of b/f and c/f & c/o

in the tally meaning

please deeply answer u give me

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