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Calculating Value of Closing WIP
(Manufacturing Costs Question)

by Jane

Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya

Q: Given the direct materials as $714,000, direct labour as $400,000, variable overheads as $100,000 and fixed overheads as $350,000. 90,000 units were sold at $20 each, closing stock of finished goods is 8,000 units and that of WIP is 4,000 units.

How do you calculate the unit cost of the number of units produced and the value of closing WIP?

Comments for Calculating Value of Closing WIP
(Manufacturing Costs Question)

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Unit cost
by: K.B

Formula: unit cost = total manufacturing divide by no of units produced.
You can put the values,right?
Total manufacturing = prime cost [direct mat and direct labour] + overheads

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