Debit and Credit Abbreviations?

by Devendra

accounting questionQ: What are the abbreviations for Debit and Credit?

For example:

Purchase A/c dr 0000
To Cash A/c ( ? ) 0000

In an interview, they asked about the short name of debit and credit.

I said debit as Dr, and Credit as Cr. But they were disappointed by my answer as credit Cr.

So will you please tell me what is the short name of credit?

A: As far as I know the only recognized short name or abbreviation for credit is Cr. I am not aware of any other recognized abbreviation for this accounting term.

Anyone else heard of another abbreviation for credit?


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Which Language?
by: Anonymous

Dr = Debure = means taking
Cr = credure = means giving

Which language is that?

Good question - as far as I know it's Latin.


Why Dr and Cr for debits and Credits
by: Satyanarayana Raju

As far as my knowledge is concerned Dr = Debit Record and CR = Credit Record

Credit abbreviation
by: Accoounting Prof

The only abbreviation I have ever seen anywhere is Cr. An alternative for debits I have seen is Db. But far more common is Dr. So who's what their problem was?

by: Dhilipan.j

Dr - debit

Q abreviation debit credit
by: sajjad

Dr full form is debit and Cr full form is credit


Dr. ------------ debit report
Cr.--------------Credit report

Cr Dr
by: Anonymous

Dr=Debure=means taking
cr=credure=means giving

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