Entry for Cheque Received?

by Sunil
(Kathmandu, Nepal)

Q: What is the entry for the following:

Received cheque from a debtor Rs1,00,000

(this means 100,000 Rupees - Indian currency)

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by: Anonymous

Trade receivable
Short term borrowing

by: Anonymous

Cheque in hand a/c 100000
To debtor 100000

Cheque Receiving Entry
by: Santosh

Who have given cheque - its not debtors its creditor right?

The Entry
by: Krishna

Bank a/c Dr . 100000
To Debtors. 100000

by: Anonymous

Debit : Bank/Cash
Credit : Party

by: Anonymous

A/c # 100000
Customer 100000

Answer cheque receivable entry
by: Kong chenda

A/R or N/R...............1,000,000.00
To record received payment from debtor.

Entry for Cheque Received
by: Bilal Wahid

Debit the bank and credit the party to whom the cheque is received

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