Journal Entries and Ledger Exercise

Q: Mr Robert commenced business on 1st January, 2011 with a capital of $100,000 in cash. On the same date he opened the bank account in ADCB and deposited $20,000. During the month of January 2011 the following transactions took place:

Jan 1 Bought goods for cash 70,000

2 Sold good to Steve Co.(Credit) 38,000

15 Sold goods for cash 9,000

21 Steve co. paid by cheque 35,000

22 Stationery bill paid by chq 2,000

22 Telephone bill by cash 500

31 Paid rent by cash 2,000

Paid salaries by cash 3,000

Withdrew cash personal use 5,000

Make journal entries for the transactions and post them to ledgers.

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by: Anonymous

cheque received and cheque paid to bank

Post to Ledger Account
by: Kay Khine

1-1-2011 Cash On Hand $100,000 Dr
Capital $100,000 Cr

1-1-2011 ADCB Bank $20,000 Dr
Cash On Hand $20,000 Cr

1-1-2011 Inventories $70,000 Dr
Cash On Hand $70,000 Cr

2-1-2011 A/R (Steve Co.) $38,000 Dr
Sales $38,000 Cr

15-1-2011 Cash On Hand $9,000 Dr
Sales $9,000 Cr

21-1-2011 ADCB Bank $35,000 Dr
A/R (Steve Co.) $35,000 Cr

22-1-2011 Stationery $2,000 Dr
ADCB Bank $2,000 Cr

22-1-2011 Telephone $500 Dr
Cash On Hand $500 Cr

31-1-2011 Rent $2,000 Dr
Cash On Hand $2,000 Cr

31-1-2011 Salaries $3,000 Dr
Cash On Hand $3,000 Cr

31-1-2011 Withdraw $5,000 Dr
Cash On Hand $5,000 Cr

All of ledger posting finished.

journal entries
by: Veronika

this is a big huge help. i have needed to run through things and revise. it has simplified my practice big time. i'm so appreciative

by: Friend

whatever you did is great but my question is HOW DO U POST THESE ENTRIES?

General Journal (incomplete)
by: .....

Date: Particulars Debit Credit
Jan.1 Cash 100000
Capital 100000
Goods 70000
Cash 70000
To record the initial
transaction of mr. Robert
2 Accounts Recievable 38000
Revenue 38000
15 Cash 9000
Revenue 9000
21 Check 35000
Accounts Recievable 35000
22 Expenses 2000
Check 2000
Utilities Expense 500
Cash 500
31 Rent Expense 2000
Cash 2000
Salaries Expense 3000
Cash 3000
Drawing 5000
Cash 5000

by: Muny

Jan 1 Goods 70,000
Cash 70,000
Jan 2 Cash 38,000
A/P 38,000
Jan 15 Cash 9,000
Goods 9,000
Jan 21 A/R 35,000
Check 35,000
Jan 22 Stationery 2,000
Check 2,000
Jan 22 Telephone 500
Cash 500
Jan 31 Rent 2,000
Cash 2,000
Salary 3,000
Cash 3,000
Cash 5,000
Withdrew 5,000

student. In India
by: John woja

Thank you so much. I found it helpful to me. God bless you.

by: Anonymous


journal entries and post to ledger account
by: Kong chenda

I. Make journal entries :

Jan 01. Cash on hand.....80,000.00
Cash in bank.....20,000.00
To record investment by owner.

01. Inventory.........70,000.00
Cash on hand...............70,000.00
To record purchase inventory for cash.

02. A/R................38,000.00
Sales revenue..............38,000.00
To record sold merchandise on credit.

15. Cash on hand............9,000.00
Sales revenue..................9,000.00
To record sold merchandise for cash.

21. Cash..............35,000.00
To record received payment from customer.

22. Stationery...............2,000.00
Cash in bank...................2,000.00
To record purchase stationery for cash.

22. Telephone expense..........500.00
Cash on hand .................500.00
To record paid for telephone.

31. Rent expense...........2,000.00
Cash on hand ................2,000.00
To record paid rent.

31. Salaries expense......3,000.00
Cash on hand................3,000.00
To record paid for salaries.

31. Withdraw.............5,000.00
Cash on hand................5,000.00
To record withdraw by owner.

II. Post to Ledger account.

For ledger I did already but I can't put the table so small here...

by: Anonymous


by: Anonymous

how do I do the posting

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