Journal Entries Questions


machinesPrepare the journal entries for the following transactions:

1. The business received 412,000 cash from Mr.Y for investment in a business.

2. The company bought machines for the business in the amount 57,000.

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by: Hawa

Debit Credit
Cash 412000 Investment 412000

Equipment 57000 Cash 57000

by: Anonymous

Cash 412000
Capital-Mr.Y 412000

Equipment-Machines 57000
Cash 57000

journal entry
by: Brian Dilrac A/c....Dr. 412000
To Mr.Y's capital A/c 412000
(Being cash recieved from
Mr.Y )
2.Machinery A/c........Dr. 57000
To cash A/c 57000
(Being machinery bought
for cash amount 57000)

Journal Entry
by: Aswin

Cash A/c Dr 412000
To Investment A/c 412000

Equipment A/c Dr 57000
To Cash A/c 57000

by: Anonymous

Cash (debit) 412,000
Y,Capital (credit) 412,000

Equipment (debit) 57,000
Cash (credit) 57,000

by: anthony

cash a/c dr 412000
To mr, y cr. 412000

machine a/c dr. 57000
To. Capital a/c 57000

by: Anonymous

1) cash 412,000
investment 412,000

2.) equipment 57,000
cash 57,000

jounal entntry
by: Anonymous

1.) cash 412,000
investment 412,000

2.) equipment 57,000
cash 57,000

journal entries
by: Anonymous

1.) cash 412,000
investment 412,000

2.) equipment 57,000
cash 57,000

jounal entries
by: Anonymous

1.) debit cash 412,000
credit investment 412,000
2.) debit equipment 57,000
credit cash 57,000

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