Manufacturing Business -
Trial Balance

by Heather
(St. Kitts)

Q1: What do you include in a manufacturing business' trial balance?

Q2: What do you do when the trial balance doesn't balance?

Q3: Are expenses in the trial balance what you have paid for during the accounting period?

Q4: Are payroll expenses the total of the Employees Income tax, FICA tax, Federal Un-employment tax and State Unemployment taxes paid for sales and administrative employees?

Q5: When you close off under-and over applied factory overhead to cost of goods sold how should this be recorded in the trial balance?

Q6: Can you give an example of a trial balance for a manufacturing business, showing how you close off under-and over applied factory overhead to cost of goods sold and the entry on the trial balance?

Also can you include payroll tax expense,sales salaries expense, officers' salaries expense, office salaries expense in this sample manufacturer's trial balance?

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