Weighted Average Cost Per Unit

by Basheer Ahmed
(Saudi Arabia)

Q: Dear Sir,

A container of goods has different quantities with different values per unit. For example the total value of the goods are USD 280,000, but per the invoice, this figure also contains freight, handling charges and insurance of say USD 12,500. How do I find out the individual item cost or cost per unit?

Basheer, the container should have come with a document listing the quantities and values of each of the goods. This is known as a shipping list, packing list or waybill. There may also be a pro-forma invoice with the shipment that displays this information. If this is not available for valuing the goods then one would use the weighted average cost method.

Using this method, you get an average cost for valuing all the goods. To do this you just take the total value of the inventory (including the costs of getting it to its destination - freight, handling and insurance) and divide this by the quantity. This is the weighted average cost method of inventory valuation.

Let's say the quantity of goods is 10,000 units.

The calculation of the cost per unit is then:
$280,000/10,000 units = $28 unit cost

That is the weighted average cost of each unit.

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two ways
by: Anonymous

cost by weight, above shown

cost by value:

1000(freight charge) / 20,000(purchased value
with out freight

.05 per unit.

now item one, say apple (purchase rate 5)

than....5+(5*.05) =5.25 means sale price of apple after adding freight charge and so on.

per unit cost on different product value
by: Anonymous

How to calculate per unit cost on various product value for e.g. We sold pizza breads for Rs.5,27,54,674 for F.Y.2015-16. Then what will be per unit price?

Weighted average if unit cost of goods is different
by: Anonymous

If I have 100 different products in 1 container and each one has a different price how to create the real weighted average cost?

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