Journal Entry: Cash Purchase of Goods

by Austin Irikefe
(Lagos state, Nigeria)

Bought goods for cash $23000, how will i post it?

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Thank you! This program is of great help. Highly appreciated.

by: Nelson

I enjoyed the lesson and trust that God will bless you even as people keep coming to learn from this website. Thank you so much, I appreciate it.

by: Anonymous

The cash goes down of : $23,000
Then the supplies (goods) goes up : +23,000

bought stock using cash
by: Anonymous

Debit inventories $23000
Credit bank $23000

by: Anonymous

Debit Inventory 23000 & Credit A/P 23000
Debit A/P 23000 & Credit Cash 23000

Cash Purchase of Goods
by: NiamatUllah

Purchases 23000
Cash/Bank 23000
Payments against goods purchases

easy question
by: Anonymous

Dr Purchase
Cr Cash

good question
by: Anonymous

this is very good question

purchase goods
by: Anonymous

purchase a/c Dr.
to cash
(bring cash purchase of goods)

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