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Top Amazon UK Gear

Top Coffee Mugs (& One Bottle)

One of the most important tools for an accountant is not his computer, calculator or pen, but rather his trusty coffee mug that can get him (or her) up in the morning, keep him going in the afternoon and even help him get a bit more done at night.

And what better liquid-dispensing accessory to have than one that reminds you of who you are, Mister or Miss Accountant, and how to go about your work...

The Coffee Mugs Story of Accounting

Let's start with the gloomy reality: Did you ever feel like your whole life is spent doing accounting and hardly anything else? If so, these 2 mugs might be right for you...

If those first two mugs describe your life, then you are probably quite aware that for us accountants it's accrual world... right?

For us accountants, the dreaded month end is always approaching, like a slobbering zombie about to turn the corner and hunt us down (see further below).

Is there anything we can do about month end?

Well, first of all, keep calm... and carry on accounting...

Or keep calm in a fashionable red...

Stay strong.

Remember the zen of accounting...

And in case you've forgotten where they go, here's a reminder...

Do some soul searching - remember who you really are...

Starting to feel better?

Once you've got your accounting groove on you might start to feel like this...

And that feeling may grow to this...

(Okay it's not a coffee mug, it's a water bottle. Who cares?)

You might start getting a high opinion of yourself...

Your inner rockstar may start coming out...

In fact (with enough coffee), you might even believe you could be a hero in a post-apocalyptic kind of world!

Bottom line is you have done your job, and you've done it well. You are obviously worthy of a place in the accounting hall of fame:

Well done Mister or Miss Accountant, give yourself a pat on the back. Now, why not reward yourself with a valuable liquid-dispensing gift, eh? Remember, month end is approaching again (next month) - you need to be prepared! ;-)

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Top Ladies Shirts

Below are my pick of the top ladies accounting shirts. There were so many great shirts that it was really hard to narrow it down, but after a while I boiled it down to these gems. Note that many of these shirts are available in a variety of colors, not just the color/s shown here.

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Top Mens Shirts

Here are my top picks of accounting shirts for men:

And last but not least:

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More Apparel

First off, how about the ultimate Dr Cr necktie?

Or a trucker hat with an accounting bible quote?! That's right, now we're getting down and dirty!

How about some peace-love-accounting for your next of kin?

Lastly, this list just wouldn't be complete without some emphatic accounting hoodies, boo-ya!

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Even More Cool Stuff

Here's a bunch of other products I think are pretty cool, starting with this Mr. Ninja Accountant mouse pad:

This is one of my real favorites (lol): you may be used to hearing ribbit, but these frogs have a much better idea:

Or how about a customizable calculator cushion?

Check out these cellphone covers:

(Note that these specific covers are for the iPhone 6, but these designs are available for many other phones too)

More accounting mouse pads:

And finally, a couple of cool keychains:

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Top Amazon UK Gear

Hear ye, hear ye, a section for ye kind folk from her majesty's kingdom, Brittania, home of Braveheart, the large rainy land from across the Atlantic, etc. etc. etc. ...My top picks from Amazon UK for all ye accounting lovers:

(by the way, note some of the stuff I found here that I couldn't find on regular US Amazon, good on ya Britain!)

Amazon UK Mens Apparel

Okay, first up, check out this awesome gear for men:

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Amazon UK Ladies Apparel

I didn't find quite as much cool accounting apparel here for the ladies, but still a few nice finds:

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Amazon UK Coffee Mugs

Time for that most essential accessory for any accountant, the trusty coffee mug, beginning with one about dancing numbers:

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Other Cool Accounting Gear

Last but not least, some other random accounting goodies I like, starting with something for those who love to cook:

And finally, this cool accounting poster for the office:

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