Your Voice

Your Voice

Welcome to a unique section of this site, Your Voice, a section where you can contribute - where you can tell our accounting/student community about yourself, make recommendations and even check out what others are saying and recommending.

Plus, we're running competitions for the best contributions on these pages, so when you contribute your own opinion or story or recommendation, you stand a chance of winning a nice prize...

Here are the different pages where you can make contributions (and read what others are saying):

Your Personal Web Page

In our first section here we want to know you, the accounting student. Essentially this is your own web page on this site, where you can tell us who you are, where you're studying, how it's going, what your goals are, etc. This is your story. Click here to go to this page.

Student & Accounting Stories

We hope that the second section of Your Voice will be the most fun section of this site. It's a section where you can tell a specific story from your time as an accounting student or any cool story related to accounting or studying. We're looking for really funny stories, really crazy stories, really horrible stories - about anything you've experienced at school, university, college or work. Click here for some cool ideas and/or to contribute a story.

Accounting Tutors

Need an accounting tutor or know one who needs some promotion? Check out this section created specifically for accounting tutors. Maybe you're looking for a tutor, or maybe you already know a good one. Or maybe, just maybe, you are one? Well, whatever the case, this page could help you...

What Inspires You to Study Accounting?

And last but not least (last for now - more to come), tell us what inspires you to study accounting. Click here to submit a contribution and/or see what others have to say...

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